About Us

Shieff Angland is an Auckland legal practice providing specialist services in commercial, employment and property law, and litigation. Our teams combine a thorough knowledge of the law with an understanding of commercial imperatives to help clients achieve their business and personal goals.

We are committed to delivering outstanding results for our clients. We say the key to that is employing the best people and building talented teams who are fiercely proud of the quality of their work. We actively seek clients whose philosophies match our own.

Every member of our four specialist teams has been carefully chosen for their skills, achievements and attitude. They are led by partners with a wealth of knowledge and experience and are committed to our firm’s philosophy. 

We work hard to understand our clients’ business and objectives, and build enduring relationships based on mutual trust. Our clients look to us for sound and practical legal advice, offered from a position of independence and objectivity.

Firm History

Shieff Angland began as Finlay Shieff in 1942 from offices just off Queen Street, Auckland.

The original partners were Dr Martyn Finlay QC, a highly respected lawyer and politician who served as Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of New Zealand, and Norman Shieff, an admired and respected member of the legal profession. Norman was instrumental in creating our culture of excellence which continues to define Shieff Angland today.

Jack Angland joined the firm in 1959 and remained a partner until his death in 1990. In that time Jack established an enviable reputation for personal and professional integrity with a wide range of clients.

Today, we specialise in property, employment and commercial law and litigation. We are proud of our firm’s past and its continued reputation as a well-regarded provider of quality legal services.


Shieff Angland is a member of The Interlex Group®, an association of leading law firms around the world that cooperate to provide a complete range of international legal and business services. 

Founded in 1973, Interlex now encompasses 44 firms across 152 cities in 62 countries.  Members are known for the quality and promptness of their services, a direct result of the exacting standards applied when inviting member firms.

Our membership gives us the ability to connect our clients with the right representation overseas if they need it. 

Interlex also provides opportunities for our lawyers to expand their professional skill with a secondment to a law firm in another country. 

Visit www.interlexgroup.com for more.