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Welcome to Shieff Angland


Our outstanding team looks forward to building a solid relationship with you based on respect and trust. We will strive to understand your business, needs and objectives. And we will, at all times, be committed to delivering quality solution-focused advice and achieving excellent outcomes for you whilst maintaining a cost effective service.




Phone (电话/中文): +64 9 300 8759

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Shieff Angland Lawyers

  • Full service law firm based in central Auckland
  • Specialist legal services in commercial, property and litigation
  • Strong international links and a member of The Interlex® Group, a worldwide association of leading law firms
  • Affiliated with a number of leading barristers (including QCs) specialising in the areas of criminal, immigration and family law.


  • 综合性、跨专业律师事务所,位于奥克兰市商业中心
  • 商法、房地产法及诉讼三大专业团队
  • 跨国法律服务,为“国际知名律师事务所联盟”成员
  • 在刑法、移民及家庭/婚姻法领域,专业出庭律师(含御用大律师)合作

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Kalev Crossland

Kellie Bright

Richard Hatch

Shelley Eden


Our proud history

  • Founded in 1942 by Dr Martyn Finlay QC and Mr Norman Shieff, both highly respected lawyers and members of community
  • Dr Martyn Finlay QC was a former Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of New Zealand
  • Mr Norman Shieff undertook legal work for the first shopping centres in New Zealand in the 1960s and was one of the pioneers who helped transform downtown Auckland. Mr Shieff had a room named after him in the Auckland Law Society’s new premises at Chancery Chambers to honour his contributions. He was instrumental in creating our culture of excellence which continues to define Shieff Angland today
  • The former Governor-General of New Zealand, the Rt Hon Sir Anand Satyanand was also a partner of the firm before he was appointed as a judge.


  • 1942年由马腾·芬雷博士(御用大律师)和诺曼·谢富先生创立,他们在 律师界和社区均为人敬重
  • 马腾·芬雷博士(御用大律师)曾任新西兰政府司法部长和检察总长
  • 1960年代,新西兰始建大型购物中心,诺曼·谢富先生是为此类购物中心 设计法律框架、提供法律指导的全国第一人。随后又从事了奥克兰市 商业中心的开发和建设,是将奥克兰向现代化都市转变的先驱者之一 。如今,奥克兰法律协会(法定行业管理机构)的办公大楼,专门设立 一间以诺曼·谢富先生命名的办公室,以表彰他对律师工作做出的贡献。谢富安 伦律师事务所薪火传承的敬业文化,与诺曼·谢富先生息息相关。
  • 新西兰前任总督阿楠·萨地亚楠爵士,在被任命为法官之前,是谢富安 伦律师事务所合伙人。

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Phone (电话/中文): +64 9 300 8759

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